The end? A new beginning?

This picture shows my slightly tired self at the end of my bicycle tour "Around Europe in 80 languages", hunkered on the bank of the Garonne, in the Pyrenees. The blog is now archived at My multimedia iBook is out now (the iBook/iTunes store), but I might actually add a coda to the 15'000 km trip this year, by cycling from Timisoara in Romania to Gagausia, an autonomous region in Moldova. This has always been my hoped-for final destination, because of the Gagausian language, as you can read in this quote from my final blog entry.

"Didn’t I write in my very first blog entry that 'I’ll try to make it to Gagausia'? One of last year’s trips led me and Reto as far as Timisoara. It’s less than 1000 km from this Romanian city to Comrat. If you’re starting to wonder what on earth Gagausia and the Gagauz language are, come back here later, say in August, to check if I have taken up the challenge. I’m not sure if I will, though, it’s a rough land out east."