Last visit - ever?

This week I went to the tiny village of Elsau near Winterthur for my last coaching visit. The lesson started at 07:20 am and so I had to leave my home at 5:30 to catch a train, and then another, and then a bus. But it was such a wonderful dewy spring morning that it was well worth the yawns and sighs. The lesson ran well, the kids were surprisingly concentrated. They were working with Voices, the course book I'd helped to develop. And in fact they were dealing with a listening piece that I had written when I'd been in Brisbane, 10 years ago, on the basis of an interview with an Indian girl who had immigrated to Australia with her parents. I wonder what has become of Vipasha since. 

In any case, several worlds were intertwined in my mind on that sunny morning - and I had even time to go for a walk up to the rim of the woods and the cemetery before I had to catch the bus back. 

The picture below was taken in another classroom this week, showing that pupils do all sorts of interesting stuff with 'my' books as they take possession of them.