Current local politics

The last few weeks were all but dominated by the elections in Eglisau for the various councils and committees. I ran for re-election as a member of the school board. The local progressive party, Fokus Eglisau, kindly supported my candidature although I'm not a member per se. 
For the post-election party at the venerable Weiherbachhaus, I paddled my folding canoe up the river. The jokes were programmed as I joined the group of candidates and supporters with my life vest and paddle. It turned out to be a long wait, probably because the good people at the election office counted and re-counted the slips a number of times. For good reasons: some eight years ago, the president of the town council had won by just one vote. Now the same incumbent lost the election by 18 votes and dropped out of the council. This would surely not have happened if she had filled her office with sensible and effective projects instead of often vapid talk and toasts at not-so-glamourous events. So it goes, as Kurt Vonnegut would say.
Personally, I'm very grateful to the 1000 plus citizens of Eglisau who gave me their vote, expressing a great deal of trust that I would continue to care for the well-being of the local school, the children and youngsters as well as the teachers. Thank you!
I paddled down the few hundred meters to the Stampfi neighborhood carried by a decent current. I wouldn't have needed the life vest.