All about the Flow - A Portrait of a River and its Dwellers

Currently, I'm engaged in pursuing a journey – walking, swimming, kayaking, cycling –along the river Rhine from source to mouth, and at the same time, a trajectory of words that express my fascination with the flow of water and the shaping of landscapes. I am curious to get to know other people's perspectives on and experiences with the river. 

Over the last three years, I have moved along the Rhine in small spurts, for instance hiking to one of the major springs in the Ticinese part of the Alps, the Medels Rhine (see map below) or paddling around the reservoir just in front of my dwelling in Eglisau. From my window, I watch the river and its changing colors daily. In December, the winter storms were responsible for a lot of detritus being carried along (see video above).  The idea that a  river can be a metaphor for life and its cargo of joys and problems is not far-fetched.

I am planning to put together a memoir – part travelogue, part encyclopedia, part testimonial – in the form of a multimedia iBook, much in the vein of "Around Europe in 80 Languages": short texts, photos, sounds, possibly videos. 

In my blog (link top right), I started reporting on some of my forays, but I abandoned it in favor of this larger project.

In January 2019, I gathered impressions, stories and whatnots from visitors who came to see me at the 'Platzhirsch' cultural space in Eglisau, Switzerland. 

In the summer of 2019, I'm planning to follow the course of the Rhine from Basle to Rotterdam with my eBike and a camping trailer. This is an innovative concept from the Austrian company Gentle Tents. I will be test riding and test sleeping the B Turtle Trailer on behalf of the Swiss retailer VeloPlus.